3DWorks company secrets.

3Dworks is the initiative of Bart vrancken.

As a Senior Digital Artist at one of the largest visualisation companies in europe I am offering my professional skills to you.

I will transfer any idea, concept or dream to your screen. Your idea is my challenge.

What 3DWorks stands for:

  • Listening ... is one of our key assets. We try to listen to your briefing as detailed as possible. to deliver a visual image which is as close as possible to your expectations.
  • Professionality ... We are using professional software  such as Newtek Lightwave 3D, Next LImit Maxwell Renderer, Adobe CreativeSuites, ...  to translate your idea, onto the screen.
  • Quality ... 3Dworks strives to live up to your quality standards, any quality feedback is free of charge, Delivering the highest quality visuals is our goal.
  • Clearness ... We commit to making everything clear upfront, this way we don't have surprises afterwards.  Everybody benifits from clearness. 

How does the magic happen, from idea to the screen, how the process rolls,...

Briefing -> Defining the end product -> Collecting all the info and assests -> Modeling, texturing, lighting, -> First preview -> Feedback rounds -> Delivery of final High Resolution visuals

What do we offer

Studio visualisations

In studio visualisations your idea is visualized in a studio environment.
The 3D model is shown on a white background with a general studio lighting.

This way you don't get distracted by the environment. All the details will pop out.

Location visualisations

In a location visualisations your product, building, idea is visuallised in the location of your choice..
The 3D model is shown wherever you want it..

3Dworks can create this background in the 3D environment, or you can deliver any picture and we will integrate the 3D model inside this picture.
The positioning and lighting of the 3D object will be made to makes sure the product is seamlessly integrated into the environment.


3Dworks can also deliver movies where you can see your idea, your concept in action.

You can see how your products opens, how it works, how it behaves.
Animations can for example spin around your product to have complete look around it.
3Dworks can also create beautifull motion graphics movies in which you can explain every possibilty of your product completely in detail. With text overlays and adjusted effects.

3Dworks can create all this animation in a studio environment but also on any location.


Special offer, for all you architectural companies out there.

3Dworks can deliver real life walkthroughs/animations movies. In this movie you walk/travel throughout your architextural site.

Every detail can be exposed how you want it. You can see and feel the experience of the architextural site as if you where there.  

Unity 3D models

For all you game developers out there. 3Dworks can be your perfect partner for realizing your game.

3Dworks can deliver any 3D model you require. 3Dworks takes over the 3D part of the game without any problem. This way you can focus on programming all the code.
These 3D models can contain all the animations you need.

In case you only have the idea and not the programming skills.
3Dworks has a pool of talented programmers to completely realize your Unity game from beginning to the end.

Anything else you can imagine ...

If you have any other request concerning 3D, concerning visualisations, concerning anything 3Dworks can mean for you.

Please fill in the contact form on our contact page, and I will surely react as fast as possible.

 just drop a note and ask away ... together we can help you find a solution.